Personalized Joke Writing for Organizations & Individuals

Don't just break the ice, CRUSH IT
From Company Head to COMPANY HEADLINER
From MC to MVP
From Toast Anxiety to TOAST NOTORIETY

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'How to Infuse Your Internal Comms With Humor'

What We Create

Laugh Dealer enhances your content with custom comedy writing. Our jokes have entertained everyone from wedding guests and sales clients, to CEOs and four-star generals.

Project types include:

Speeches, Toasts, Presentations, Marketing Campaigns, Screenplays, Blog Posts, You Name It!

In additional to individual projects, we offer a variety of monthly packages to keep the punchlines rolling. Like a hilarious tumbleweed!

What our clients say

The jokes had me so excited to present! A colleague told me that one of the jokes was the best line he’d ever seen in a deck.

Ben Senior Consultant

The jokes felt right in line with how our characters spoke and behaved, and added levity to moments we hadn’t considered.

Sara Screenplay

I felt so confident going into my presentation knowing that a professional comedian was writing jokes to include in my talk.

Ryan Sales Pitch

This is a great boost to what I do: Writing and speaking and being considered a humorist, and yet in need of truly big belly-laugh jokes.

Holly Speech

Laugh Dealer helped make my presentation more impactful and memorable by adding humor in just the right places.

Dwight PowerPoint Presentation

I really liked the title options given to us. We’d broken our brains and thought we’d already explored all possibilities, but these approached the problem from a different direction.

Tammy Book