Charlie (left) and Kiar (right). Friends since childhood who share a passion for the intersection of comedy and technology.

Dr. Kiar Holland holds a Ph.D from Florida International University in Electrical Engineering, High Temperature Superconductivity, AKA the hottest Ph.D in the game! His thesis focused on “Doping as a Possible Means to create Superconductivity in Graphene”. Nadler doesn’t understand this, but thinks it means Holland can be disqualified if he tries for an Olympic medal in Superconductivity. Dr. Holland has a wealth of engineering experience, most recently as an LCI Automation Engineer at Magic Leap. In addition to extensive programming knowledge, Dr. Holland is also a certified personal trainer. So he can build your website AND your calves!

Charlie Nadler owes his existence to a television show; his parents met while writing together on Laverne & Shirley. After studying Film & TV at Boston University, he spent nearly a decade in Los Angeles working in the entertainment industry, most notably for Rob Reiner. He now resides in New York City where – in addition to co-running Laugh Dealer – he writes screenplays and performs stand up regularly. Charlie has released two half hour albums and told jokes around the world in clubs, festivals, bars, country clubs, teen centers, basements, attics, and one barber shop.